Windows Vista Team Blog : IT Forum Day One: Windows Vista and Windows PowerShell

February 3, 2007 at 11:31 pm Leave a comment


I have recently discovered the new scripting tool from Microsoft called – Powershell. This is not an add on to DOS – this is an extremely powerful shell that competes with it’s Unix and Linux counterparts. I was just starting to mess around with vbs scripting when I cam across this and now I’m totally distracted. I’m not a sys admin so I only play with this kinda stuff so much but it has some pretty nifty features for the power user. Of course all the ADFS, file management, etc. , but it also can work with the Win32 com objects – like hooks to Windows Media Player (they have a demo of that in the link.) …and it works in Vista

One that is particularly funny is messing with the vista speach COM object –

PS> $spVoice = new-object -com “SAPI.spvoice”
PS> $spVoice.Speak(“Go to hell you bastards”)

I am already planning to bust this baby out in a lot of meetings.

If you want to see the video demo, check it out at the channel 9 DFO Show

Link to Windows Vista Team Blog : IT Forum Day One: Windows Vista and Windows PowerShell


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