My Zune Rant

2 days ago I decided to ditch the iPod 30gb video for a Zune going against almost 100% of the so called Tech News community. (right now Leo Laporte is vomiting in horror.) Sorry folks, but it is a better device – to me anyway. So most tech pundits respond more based on other reviews and articles they have read than actually using the product. Anyone who has been using it regularly has much less harsh words if not actually liking the device.

So here is a basic run down of what everyone on the tech blogs/ podcasts bitch about with the Zune

  1. Wifi is loaded with DRM and limited.
  2. The Zune Market place sucks
  3. Its too big
  4. Click wheel with no clicking
  5. Bad marketing – ie Welcome to the Social

Well…allow me to retort

Wifi is loaded with DRM and limited.
This is true. I do think the wifi could be way better (and probably will be with firmware updates) But I honestly don’t care. I am not a person who is friendly to strangers and I don’t see myself sharing my music with anyone – f people. I suppose it would be cool if I could buy music or sync from the wireless. Since the iPod or any 30gb+ player doesn’t have wireless either, it is just a feature that is underutilized but will probably get better with time- the pre-zune hype did disappoint, but get over it. As for the DRM – it exists equally in the iPod and Zune. It is in the songs not the hardware. You must train yourself to avoid it.

    The Zune Market place sucks
    Maybe, but in my opinion..if your buying DRM music online from places like iTunes then you are a retard anyway. I am not about to buy music that locks me into a platform like Apple or Microsoft. I would rather just pay extra, buy the CD, and rip it than be locked in to a device. At least the Zune marketplace is a subscription service so you are just renting the music anyway. Leave the DRM shackles behind and use eMusic (unless you are a trendy top 40 person who can’t find what they like on a site that has real music)…kidding, but eMusic is the only online music I buy.
    Its too big
    Yeah..ok…its a little portly….but this isn’t the type of device I take to the gym – I use a tiny flash player for that (right now a shuffle). I use the zune for the car and office so the size isn’t a problem personally.

Click wheel with no clicking
No big whoop. I actually prefer the up, down, left, right response. Have you ever been jogging at night and trying to use a click wheel through gloves and a neoprene sport case? Yeah….not so good…. the click is only good in optimal conditions. I can live without it.

Bad marketing – ie Welcome to the Social
Oh for christ sakes who cares….just shut your Apple fanboy faces.

So while some features, or lack their of, could be deal breakers for some it really depends on what you are looking for in a player. For me, I prefer the Zune to the iPod because I think the interface is hands down better, and the screen is actually big enough to SEE Video…what a concept. The zune software is also better than itunes – as someone who has over 20,000 songs I can actually manage my entire library in the zune software pretty easily and just sync 30gb to the device. I am aware you can do this is iTunes but the “list” interface in the iTunes library blows (I might as well be managing my music library in Excel) – basically the only way to manage your music in iTunes is with playlists – that sucks.

I was all over the iPod/iTunes craze when it first hit the scene and it has taken me a long time to strip the DRM out my music and break free from the Apple lock down. My strategy now is to stay away for any DRM at all costs – which is easy no matter what device you use. No matter how much you hippies think that Apple is the rebellion fighting the Empire, it is obvious that, like Microsoft, they are both “evil” corporations interested in 1 thing – making money (God bless Capitalism) So wake up! Don’t be a whore to marketing!

So I say to each his own – pick your gear based on the features that matter to you personally. My strategy is to take advantage of a store’s 30 day policy. I think I took my last device back 5 or 6 times before settling on one…man, I’m a dick…..but the only way to decide is to use it..


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English Russia » Orange Snow in Omsk, Russia

Ok. I know there are some people that would argue that humans are not actually doing damage to the environment – that the world basically goes through cycles and we just periodically have things like global warming occur.

But I say WTF mate! How in the holy hell do you get orange snow. Now if that is not proof we are effing things up then I don’t know what is.

Luckily the Russian government says that orange snow cant hurt you. Think of it as a mango slushie from God. 

UPDATE: It is also critical to mention that residents said the snow had a rotten or rancid smell to it…..yeah….thats gotta be good – “go outside and make snow angels kids”

Link to English Russia ยป Orange Snow in Omsk, Russia

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Windows Vista Team Blog : IT Forum Day One: Windows Vista and Windows PowerShell


I have recently discovered the new scripting tool from Microsoft called – Powershell. This is not an add on to DOS – this is an extremely powerful shell that competes with it’s Unix and Linux counterparts. I was just starting to mess around with vbs scripting when I cam across this and now I’m totally distracted. I’m not a sys admin so I only play with this kinda stuff so much but it has some pretty nifty features for the power user. Of course all the ADFS, file management, etc. , but it also can work with the Win32 com objects – like hooks to Windows Media Player (they have a demo of that in the link.) …and it works in Vista

One that is particularly funny is messing with the vista speach COM object –

PS> $spVoice = new-object -com “SAPI.spvoice”
PS> $spVoice.Speak(“Go to hell you bastards”)

I am already planning to bust this baby out in a lot of meetings.

If you want to see the video demo, check it out at the channel 9 DFO Show

Link to Windows Vista Team Blog : IT Forum Day One: Windows Vista and Windows PowerShell

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Download of the Day: sTabLauncher (Windows) – Lifehacker

Since upgrading to Vista I have noticed that I now have most all the UI features I find cool is OSX….except the Doc. This free download is actually way cooler than the mac dock because it is organized into tabs. The transparent effect goes good with the vista Aero glass.

Ignore the gay rabbits….that is optional : ) and if you have kids you know that the rabbit is Miffy…recognize bitch


Link to Download of the Day: sTabLauncher (Windows) – Lifehacker

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